Introducing Danielle Maisie Anne Bougard

It has been the best week!!!!! …I received a e-mail from a lady named Heather, she had read a story about Leah which was published in a local baby magizine a few months ago. The reason for Heather making contact with me was because four months ago, she and her husband Richard had become the proud parents of a beautiful little girl named Danielle, she was diagnosed with Achondroplasia a few days after her birth. I am so excited because we are in the process of setting up a date when we are going to meet!!!! So needless to say im so happy and very excited to meet them…….   So before I go on and on here is  Danielle’s story I also got her mom to send us some pictures and im sure you will agree when I say she is just as cute as a button!!!

Danielle Maisie Anne Bougard is the very precious daughter of Richard and Heather Bougard, and the granddaughter of Steve and Colleen Bardwell, and Carol and the late John Bougard. Danielle was named for herself – not for anyone else important – but to indicate what a blessing she is to us all. Her names have special meanings:

Danielle – God is my Judge

Maisie – Precious

Anne – Graceful

We hope these names will turn out to be a prophecy for her life.

Danielle’s Dad and Mum had been praying for a child for nearly a year when they found out that Danielle was on the way, and what an occasion for joy when they learned that God had heard their prayers. They enjoyed every scan and every doctor’s visit before the day chosen for her entry into the world.

This momentous was the 12th of July 2008. Danielle was born by Caesarian Section, and from the first second she was held in the arms of her parents she bestowed a joy so overwhelming it was intoxicating. She still invokes this kind of joy – with just a smile or giggle.

On the third day after she was born, Danielle’s family was to find out that she had a rare genetic condition called Achondroplasia, and that this meant she would be a “little person”, or dwarf. Her family grieved for her, knowing that she would suffer many hardships growing up as a result of this. Danielle didn’t grieve though – it was as though she knew what others still had to learn – that God made her the way she is, that she is just who she is meant to be, and that He never makes mistakes!

Life has changed dramatically in the Bougard household – most of it for good. Toys and play gyms and nappies take up spaces that didn’t seem to exist before. Danielle is a very happy and contented baby. By 5 weeks she learned to smile, at 3 months she started babbling her first sounds and by 4 months she had learned to hold up her head. All of us look forward – in the short term to her next milestone, and in the long term to whatever it is that God has in store for our precious gift!

10 thoughts on “Introducing Danielle Maisie Anne Bougard

  1. Dear Richard and Heather
    EVerything of the best for both of you and little Danielle. We pray that the Almighty will make it easy for all of you, and the she will just bring you love, peace and joy.

    Give Danielle a big hug from us all.

    Dr Ahmed, Mishkah and Shakeel Bhyat (Kimberley)

  2. Dear Heather,
    What news to hear of you after 20 years: you’re a mom! Congradulations. I have no doubt that Daniella will have a wonderful childhood in your great family. Just found Stephen in facebook, and he said you were all in Capetown. I’ve been wondering what you’ve been up to since your family hosted me in 1988…..Love, Bonnie Gauthier

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