When Mommy got home……..

I had a fantastic time in Hong Kong, I fell in love with the busy streets and the non stop energy of the city it was just awesome, I felt like a child at Christmas and although I lost all sensation in my legs by the 3rd day, I just kept on walking I could not miss anything and I got to see all the amazing sites the city had to offer……

I did have the lingering voice in my head that kept reminding me of my little gang at home and I also wondered what was going through Leah’s head, was she thinking of me?? ….was she missing me??….or was she angry at me for leaving, after all she is only 2 years old, all she knows at this age is that mom is always near but where has her mom gone to now she has not been home for days???

So after my 12hour flight from Hong Kong to Johannesburg I ran to the nearest phone to call and say im back in the country and should be in Cape town in about 3 hours (there are no direct flights from Hong Kong to Cape town so I left Hong Kong at 12:00pm Sunday arrived in Johannesburg at 6:00am Monday morning with a time change of 6 hrs and had to catch a 2hr flight connecting to Cape Town so I got home at about 11:30am) And as I got through the gate there were 3 very happy people waiting for me Nicole and Simone nearly swept me off my feet, as they ran to greet me…. and there was my little nonoo, sitting on daddys arm, showing no emotion she was just blank, so i reached out and said, “Good morning my little one” (thats how I usually greet Leah in the morning) and she put her arms out and said “no go mummy” I just stood there and held her and could feel how much she missed me even though it was only a few days…….

Dad got off lightly while i was away, Granny decided to care for the girls , and they just had a blast at Ma and Pa’s house, Leah slept with Ma and Pa slept on the sofa!!!! we also lost a gold fish, who dad says was not looking to good and he just found her floating in the tank, the other Gold fish was just barely holding on when I arrived home but I fed it and it seems to be doing just fine …… so I think I solved the mystery surrounding the death of Goldy…….. speaking of fish I visited a theme park in Hong Kong called Ocean Park and won a special blue bear at the ring toss booth, and he flew home with me for a special little girl….



4 thoughts on “When Mommy got home……..

  1. Glad you made it home safely – and don’t our kids do an amazing job of making us feel guilty? hehe… Caitlin’ already developed this “look” she gives me if I’m not doing exactly what she wants – if I’ve been gone for work, she combines the “look” with her sad eyes and it’s just too much!

    Gotta love the pic of Leah with the bear that’s bigger than her, though!

  2. Glad to hear you had a nice trip and arrived home safely! Doesn’t it just break your heart when your little one misses you so much! I get this a lot from my girls! Being a stay at home mommy, I’m gone for a few hours and they go into mommy withdrawl! Love the pictures, Leah is as cute as a button!

  3. I’m so glad to hear that you had a fantastic trip and arrived home safely! Our kids sure do know how to melt our hearts! The picture of Leah with the bear is so adorable! Sorry to hear about Goldy!

  4. What a wonderful trip you had in Hong Kong. That would have killed me being away from my kids for that length of time. Welcome back home!

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