One Anniversary And A Diagnosis

Today Is a very significant day for me…………… today I celebrate 6 years of marriage to a wonderful man, how wrong they were about us babes!!!! its been the best 6 years of my life, and you have been an amazing father to our 3 beautiful daughters. Someone asked me………… ” So what have you got to show for your 6 years?? besides having lots of dept that you did not have 6 years ago and 3 children that cramp your freedom” My answer to that was “We in it together, we learn, respect and trust one another we support one another and we will never be lonely” needless to say she had no comeback response to my answer!!!! So my love….. here is to 600 more anniversaries, but that does not mean Im going to stop moaning abut were the laundry basket is!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂



So here is the significant part…………………. today exactly 2 years ago on a Wednesday at 2:30pm just to be precise I was told that my baby had a “Serious Genetic Mutation” and they were not sure what quality of life she would have or,  even worse they were not sure how long she would live after her birth……..


6 thoughts on “One Anniversary And A Diagnosis

  1. You looked AMAZING on your wedding day! What a beautiful bride. I love that new picture of Leah! I love that you are celebrating this day and knowing that doctors are not God and that God was the reason we received these wonderful amazing gifts that are our children! Congrats!

  2. Beautiful wedding photo. Can you believe my little Sheri was born on our 4th wedding anniversary. What a great gift from god huh!! 🙂

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