Oceans apart but never to far from my heart….

Over the past few days, I have been in e-mail contact with Shebas Aunt, they are an amazing family, and I admire their strength and strong sense of gratitude and positivity they have displayed during this difficult time. In one of her e-mails she shared some of her feelings concerning Shebas passing and I cant help but feel I have to share those moving words with you, I think you will agree with me after reading what she has said that they are indeed a humble blessed family……..

When my niece Sheba was born…I appreaciate the things in this world and realize that God give us something and someone with purpose… and when Sheba died I understand that life is too short, so we must enjoy and love everything and everyone around us. I am beginning to accept that our little Sheba is gone…I know this happened because its God’s will. Actually, Every time I went out of our house i simply looked at people and smiled…especial when I saw parents with child that is not “normal”… like kids with Cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, Autistic, Dwarfism…I love them all! Because I know God sent them here on earth for us “normal” people to realize how lucky we are to have them.”

Introducing Shebas family, and one of Shebas Special little friends named Erica(Achondroplasia), they live all the way in the Philippines but thanks to technology we can now all get to meet them!!!

This mum of 4 looks stunning don’t you think!!!! whats your secret!!!

Little Erica and Leah will both be 2 in October!!!!

I feel so blessed to have met so many amazing people!!

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