The Hummingbird

For the past few days I have been wondering if this blog has been worth it, I have been trying so hard to try and make a difference in the way “normal” people perceive the world of others that may be suffering from a mental of physical handicap, in fact I have been so consumed by this driving force to somehow change the world for my little girl that I realized i am actually standing on the brink of total break down!!!!

I have gone as far as not checking e-mails to see if I had received any comments, or updating the blog for a few days, I realize that I was just digging a hole and getting comfortable not having to deal with Achondroplasia for a while………………..but I cant do that because Achondroplasia lives with me, and I wont hide it, I refuse to be one of those parents who hide and discourage their child just because he or she is different….. so her I am, pulling myself together and brushing off the negativity that could so easily have consumed me……. I believe i am bigger than this, and somehow no matter how small I do hope people will hear me and I do hope that I can make the world change its way of thinking for Leah, even if its only a fraction of change.

4 thoughts on “The Hummingbird

  1. Char-Normal feelings-don’t feel bad that you just wanted to escape it all for a bit! Leah is so lucky to have a great mother like you!

  2. You will have days where you think no one is listening, but they are, from afar! You are making a difference in people’s lives by sharing your story and sharing Leah with us!

    We are ALL here for you!!

  3. Hi there,
    I have no family with Achondroplasia but i found Katie’s site and have since followed Cole’s story and life. I really do feel that any information you can share with the world about your amazing daughter will help anyone else who is going through the same emotions as you. Leah is just gorgeous and a credit to you. What ever you are feeling and facing, then know that she will always love you. I think you should also join places like and write up information there that people can read and relate to. But keep the blog going, as I love seeing South Africa.. my husbands parents are from the cape. 🙂

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