The Achon squat……

I got a call from Tonya Sunday evening and we were chatting about the little ones and all the new things they are getting up to, so I say”Leah has started to do this funny squat thing, and she can stay in this position for quite some time almost as if she is sitting on an imaginary chair, sometimes she even walks in this squat” and Tonya says ” Hey Char thats the Achon squat” me ” the Achon squat?” Tonya ” Yes!!! they do this to release pressure or ease pain from the lower back and legs……….Get some pics an put ot on the blog” And me…………. I just think its amazing how the human body adapts to compensate for pain and all sorts of other things…………. all I could say was ” Geee thats amazng!!”

Spinal stenosis in the lumbar spine is very common in young adults with achondroplasia, though it can occur at any age. The narrow spinal canal found in achondroplasia and the normal size of the spinal cord and cauda equina (nerve bundle at the base of the spine) mean that there is less room for the spinal cord in the achondroplastic spine. In some patients, this narrowing of the vertebral canal results in compression of the nerves. Symptoms include activity-related leg pain that is relieved on squatting down, tingling, pins and needles, or numbness in the feet (paraesthesias), weakness of the legs or rarely, disturbances in control of bladder or bowel function (incontinence). X-rays, CT and MRI scans of the lower spine, confirm the diagnosis. We believe that obesity greatly increases the risk of this problem developing.

It was not so easy catching the moment…. but here is the sqat

One thought on “The Achon squat……

  1. Oh my god. Fern does the squat all the time and i had no idea why so thank you for the post. Leah is just adorable but I can imagine only to well the attitude. Ferns favourite words are no, go away, dont want it or i need it. She is starting to get abit clearer at saying sorry. Girls and their independant determined attitude are hard work at this age but fingers crossed we can channel it it the right direction for the future.

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