Theres a little scavenger on the loose!!!!

Leah has been up to all sorts of things, she has developed a little attitude as well, so if I say ” Leah don’t put that in your mouth” she says ” no, no, no, no” or if I reprimand her by saying ” No Leah don’t touch that” she narrows her eyes and loud and firmly says ” GO” and walks off in a huff!!!! so I have had my work cut out for me these past few weeks, she knows what she wants and she hates me trying to help her……… she is determine to do things for herself, even if the teddy is twice her size and she cannot see where she is going, Moma knows not to attempt taking the teddy away……… or we get told ” no,no,no,GO!!!

There is one thing Leah has started doing that Moma is not very happy about, and that is our little one loves checking on whats in the dust bin!!!! Needless to say we have now moved the kitchen dust bin outside because the kitchen bin in particular is her favorite dust bin ….( it contains all the packaging of what Moma should NOT be eating).

So Nicole and Simone were watching a wild life documentry and thats were the scavenger bit comes in. Nicole goes to school the next day and the teacher asked ” Did you all watch the animal documentary??? so who can tell me what a scavenger is?” Nicole answered “I know …….my sister Leah, is a scavenger she eats all the left overs from our kitchen bin!!!” :-),The teacher had to call me to relay the events of the day, and it took her about 15min to tell the whole story because she was laughing so much!!!!

So here are some pictures of the the little Scavenger, with some goods she picked out the bin


Is the coast clear??

Just a drop!!!!!

Hmmmmmmm 🙂

So another phase this is??? I have to admit I scavenge around from time to time….. hope Ashley doesn’t read this post it would explain were all the missing chocolates have gone to 🙂

2 thoughts on “Theres a little scavenger on the loose!!!!

  1. Don’t fret, Knoah thinks he doesn’t get enough to eat either! He has a thing for Sweet N Low packets…the one’s from the trash are easier to get at! YUCK!

  2. Hi. I am mum to 2 year old Fern with acon. She loves scavenging too. she found someone elses tissue on a shop floor yesterday and went to wipe her nose with it. YUCK. The bin seems to be her favourite toy if dolls bags shoes and buggies aren’t about. am hoping she grows out of the fascination soon.

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