When strangers become special friends

In February this year a local baby magazine decided to print a story I wrote about my life with Leah, my aim was to give people hope and inspiration, I wanted the public to realize that having a special child no matter what condition it may be does not mean you have to shy away from society, and I wanted people to know that how we raise our children today will determine who they will become in the future….. and that is strong willed, individuals who will be an inspiration to others.

I received loads of e-mails from people who were really touched by Leahs life and  at the same time I realized that God really works in mysterious ways, I never thought that my experience with Leah would have touched so many people and given so many special mums inspiration to carry on.

One special lady named Jacky decided to stay in contact with me, and has become a blog fan as well!!!. She has two beautiful Daughters named Jorja and Clio.

I think I am truly blessed, because if it was not for Leah, I would not have met the people I know today……….. complete strangers who have become special friends, who share, support and inspire one another to carry on.

Thanks Jacky for all you kind words, you too are a super mom, and special friend.

Jacky,Clio 8 years old and baby Jorja 10 months

One thought on “When strangers become special friends

  1. Char! That is great you are recieving local support from families!

    Jackie and her girls are beautiful! I am so proud of you!! I know it hasn’t been easy, but you will continue to raise awareness about dwarfism in South Africa and find other families who you can make connections with! GOOD JOB!!

    I also LOVE the picture of you and Leah! Your GORGEOUS!

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