Spirit of Africa

One of my greatest wishes for Leah, Nicole and Simone is that one day they get to meet Nelson Mandela……………… , we had so much fun on Friday evening, we were celebrating Madibas 90th birthday and dancing to the grooves of the 46664 concert which was held in London and was live in our living room!!!!

As the kids were dancing to a very famous South African song, I realized that my girls were lucky enough to be born into a FREE South Africa, but our South Africa still has LOTS of healing to deal with!!!!!!!!!!!! and althoug I still think about leaving my home country I realize that part of me, my culture and heritage would only become memories.

So I pray for South Africa, and I pray that God will heal our land and guide our leaders so that one day my girls will feel what I feel for this beautiful piece of heaven I call home, and I have decided to add the song that makes us proud to be South African!!!!!!!!!

One thought on “Spirit of Africa

  1. I hate ice storms, but when it happens it looks beautiful! How cold is cold? We will post some pictures this winter with a foot of snow on the ground 🙂 I believe you though 🙂 especially with that picture! It’s beautiful though

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