My Husband, my best friend………

Lovable, huggable, full of life, funny, caring, understanding. These are just a few words I would use to describe my husband Ashley.

I have been asked, “ How do you know when you are with the right person” my answer to that” You just know”. Its funny the way life works out some times, we were both in relationships with other people when we met, we were part of a group of friends who would meet regularly for dinner and a movie, little did I know that, the big guy on the other end of the table would be my husband one day!!!

As time moved on, our lives moved in different directions, Ashley ended the relationship he was in at that time, and I ended mine would. I often called Ashley just to catch up and say hi, we would talk for hours about anything and everything he even had the patients to listen to all my whining and complaining. One day I had to be out of town for a few days and I promised him I would drop by and say goodbye before I left…………………… when I got to his place he opened the door and hugged me, kissed me on the cheek and told me to call as soon as I reached my destination………… that was it for me, it was love at first hug!!!!! When I returned from that trip we were inseparable and we still are. Our relationship just flourished and 8 months later we were married, and 5 months later Nicole was born. (Sorry mom!!! He, he, he)

Ashley is an amazing father, he has been instrumental in Simone’s life ………those two just love each other to bits and he accepted her as if she was his own, she often gets squashed by those big daddy hugs………….Daddy is the center of Nicole’s life and Leah just gets lost in those big arms. Although he tries to be a strict daddy some times, those three buggers have him wrapped around their little fingers, and instead of a discipline moment they somehow turn it into hug’s a tickle moment!!!!

Like every marriage we do have our tense moments, but just one hug fixes everything (and im sure he knows it)

Today I live my life with no regrets; I have three beautiful daughters and the most amazing husband, who understands and supports and believes in me. We help each other through good and bad times and we learn and grow together each day, He always asks me how much I love him and I often tease him by saying “ I love you so much I would use my last cash to build a ramp in the front of our house for his wheel chair!!! Because im going to grow gracefully old with you”

We have had many people say that we wouldn’t last 3 years… well it’s been 6 years so far and im looking forward to 600 more!!!!!!!!!!

So Ashley Kay… what more can I say other than I love you more than you will ever know and im so happy to have you in my life.

Happy Birthday and Happy Fathers day my love.

From your girls

Charmaine, Simone, Nicole and Leah (daddies little chop)

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