The art of “mommy ” translation

The past few days has been quiet in the Kay household, which is not a bad thing but it does become a bit of a worry when you need to update your blog and there is not much to update about!!!!

It has become reality to me that Leah is no longer a “baby” as in wrap in a blanket and cuddle and squeeze “baby” I think it is safe to say she has graduated to toddler as in run around , don’t want the blanket, pull off my clothing and touch and reprogram the television toddler. She tries to repeat most words, and even though no other person can decipher what she is asking for I have mastered the art of translating baby babble for example, Leah is on an antihistamine medication as she has a few allergies to deal with, we administers her medication at the same time every morning, I would usually call her and say “ Hey! Its Medi time open wide” the other morning I was in a bit of a rush Leah was tottering around and shouting “MESHI TIE” over and over, in my rush something suddenly twigged with the familiarity of the sound, and the whole house hold came to a holt because it dawned on me the “Meshi tie” was actually “Medi Time”, and “OODIE” IS “Foodie” and just plane “ Hmmm” for hungry and “Ha-wow” is hello there are lots more word sounds but those are the most spoken few.

The next accomplishment we are currently working on is the issue of sleep, Leah has never been a sleeper and I worried that she will never be a sleeper. Since the day she was born she slept on my chest and today she finds it much more comfy to sleep in our bed (yes, yes so I know im to blame) but at the same time our whole experience with Leah was different and I guess it was only natural of me to be overprotective, to watch her breathing while she slept ………….heck I was so paranoid after her birth I did not want other people to pick her up,   let alone hold her!!!!………………………………. so after some consultations with a sleep therapist she informed us that Leah needs to learn to how to fall asleep on her own then we will train her to sleep through the night, because little miss still wakes up 3-6 times during the night. I have to admit I am a bit skeptical of this whole “project sleep” im about to work on, but at the same time we have nothing to loose but more sleep!!!

So I leave you with some pictures of Leah’s favorite sleeping spots….

Leah’s first “accommodation space” duration of stay….. 40 weeks


Notice Leah’s bed in the background………… duration of this sleep spot, about 4 days…..

Enjoying the comfort of mom and dads bed occupation period 17 months and still counting……

Daddy……… no…. daddy had no part in my sleeping drama ( hmmmmmm well maybe not a big part)

One of Leahs favorite places to sleep actually the only place where Leah wants to sleep ….

Not so happy place……… my cot

The number 1 spot has to be….

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