All part of the game

Leah has absolutely  been enjoying the fact that she is able to walk around and explore her surroundings by herself, she has been walking for about  three months now, and has decided it is time to start developing her walking speed into more of a running speed, so I find myself running behind her all the time because she sometimes feels that it not important to “keep her eyes on the road” .She tends to run into things or she just misses a potential accident by centimeters,there are also times when im not looking and she performs her famous vanishing act!!!!!!!!!!! which is what happened on Thursday one minute she was there and the next she was gone….. I was to late and she took a nasty fall, which resulted in a blue bump on the head and lots of tears…. but I guess the bumps and bruises are all part of the game of learning to walk and run!…… but I still feel bad……. I hate seeing my baby get hurt.

Bump on the head

poor baby

it hurts!!

One thought on “All part of the game

  1. Caitlyn got one just like this at one point in time. In fact, a few days after the initial fall she fell again and landed right smack in the same spot. We didn’t get a picture though and now that I think back I almost wish that we had. There have been many bumps already and even more to come!!

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