Girls will be Girls…

If you are a mother or a little girl aged between 3-10 years old, or if you have a little girl in your family, im sure you will be familiar with the Bratz dolls, they have rather large heads with long arms and legs and a short body ………so gone are the days of the perfectly proportioned Barbie doll !!!

The Bratz doll is also available in the baby version (Baby Bratz are a shorter doll with a large head and very long hair) and Simone and Nicole are the proud owners of a baby bratz doll, so Tuesday the girls ( Simone , Nicole and Leah) are playing in their room little did I know that they were creating a real life Baby Bratz doll….. so I thought I would post some pictures of their handy BRATZ makeover …

5 thoughts on “Girls will be Girls…

  1. She is such a cutie~ Man is her hair long! Looks like you probably never have cut it, either! šŸ˜€
    Take care!

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