Leah and the Wedding!!!!!

A very good friend of mine will be getting married soon and has ashed me if Leah could be part of her wedding party. I told her that I would think about it……… and I am still thinking about it and the more i am thinking….. the more I seem to think that this might not be such a bright idea and below I will list some reasons to support my thoughts

1. Leah has a fear of strangers, she hates it if strange people get to close and if they do get into her space she screams.

2. It not easy to get her to stand in one place, in fact she refuses to stand still, she wants to walk about, even if it means she has to walk in a circle Leah is like a goldfish at the moment she has to keep moving

3. She has figured out how to remove her diaper and we often find the diaper without the baby!!!

4. She hates being fussed over which could lead to problems with the dress and hair part of things

There are more reasons I could write about ….. but I think she is just to young an it might all be to much for my Little one………………… but we did have some fun doing a little dress rehearsal so here are some Flower girl in training pictures

the priceless smile

this dress seems a it long!!!

we gonna need some shoes

So what shoud i do now

little flower girl

2 thoughts on “Leah and the Wedding!!!!!

  1. Leah is simple GORGEOUS!!! I love her in the dress!! It is a bit long, but maybe, maybe she could do it?? All it takes is practice and she’ll be ready for her few minutes of center attention!!

  2. Don’t underestimate your little girl. I had my little cousins in my wedding and they were awesome. One tip, they walked down the aisle but then right into the pew with their mom’s and dads so they didn’t have to stand on the altar for an hour. Think about how cute she will be in that little flower girl dress!!!

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