The Big Toe Injury

Leah has injured her toe!!!! I’m not sure how and were, but she bashed it quite badly. For the last 3 months she has been walking around bare foot because we were unable to find shoes that fit her feet. Although it might not look like they have a problem (the feet) she has an extremely high instep, so her feet just can’t get into a shoe at all, so we took her to the orthopedic shoe shop and guess what….. They could not find a shoe to fit that little foot (size 2 by the way) so they decided to custom make her a pair. I did instruct them to make them pretty as shoes are a vital fashion accessory for every little girl!!! and they are going to pad the ankle because she has quite a bit of extra padding on those little legs (chunky legs he, he) , so I will be sure to take some pictures of her new shoes as soon as they come off the production line, in the mean time here are some picture of the injured toe







All fixed up




2 thoughts on “The Big Toe Injury

  1. Oh, poor Leah! That toes has GOT TO HURT!! Don’t worry, I’ll take all of your bumps and bruises!! OUCH!! Knoah is in a size 2 too! Tiny feet have a hard time finding tiny shoes!! Can’t wait to see ’em!

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