Feeling a bit helpless…..

We have not had a very good week…….

I had a very bad case of laryngitis and have been voiceless for four days, this morning was the first time since Monday I managed to make some sound. Leah is also not well she has a bad case of flu which has blocked her nose and because of that her ears are infected, she screams of pain and to top things off her breathing patterns have changed…. she has moment were she just stops breathing for a few moments when she is asleep… and those few moments just send me into a panic!!!!

So its been a bit rough in the Kay household, and I will be seeing the pediatrician on Tuesday about the breathing.

mummy and leah

One thought on “Feeling a bit helpless…..

  1. Beautiful picture! it was so good to talk to you!! I hope you all are feeling better! Let me know how her doctor appointment goes!!


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