The Easter Surprise Named Cola

Sunday I got a call from Carmen (my sister-in-law) asking us to come around for a visit, and to meet their new family member???

So off we go to auntly Carmen’s house and it seems that Easter brought more than just family together … also brought a little puppy, her mum had kicked her out of the litter, and in her weak state she found her way to Carmen’s home , they took her in and with a bit of nursing she is doing great. Kyle (my nephew) decided to name her Cola, so Nicole and Simone asked me to take some pictures and introduce Cola to everyone……… So here is our newest family member named Cola…..

hi everyone

Leah just loved playing with little Cola..

Carmen, Cola, Leah and Monique

Leah and her two aunties….

Cola and little miss

We are sure that Cola is going to love her new home and all her new friends.

I think Im going to like this place


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