When The Kangaroo does not want to leave the pouch!!!

After a difficult birth induction, which made no progress my doctor decided it was best to deliver Leah by cesarean section.By that stage I did not really care how they got her out….. all I wanted was for them to get her out as soon as they could. I remember how weak I was when they handed her to me, I could hardly hold her and believe it or not I was so exhausted, I was actually dozing off through all the excitement (the drowsiness was partly drug related in sure).

Just before I was wheeled into the recovery room, I remember a rather excited nurse saying that they are going to have me Kangaroo Leah for a few hours, next thing I knew I was topless and a tiny naked little body was strategically placed between the “boobs”. Needless to say Leah snuggled in like a new born puppy and it must have been so comfy for her that she decided to seal our relationship by having her first “wee” on her mommy, thats when the nurse realized she had forgotten the diaper!!!

My stay in hospital was four days, and my “few hours” of Kangarooing turned into four days of kangarooing, now im not complaining, but I think it has something to do with the little problem we are having with a certain little Kangaroo named Leah. With my previous two baby’s, they were placed into the little crib next to my bed, they were handed to me at feeding time and when I got home from hospital we sort of had the same routine going, they were quite happy to sleep in their cribs, and be by dad or whoever there was that wanted to lend a helping hand, but when I got home with Leah, she stuck to me like glue, not even Dad could meet her needs, and the crib was a big NO NO. She would only fall asleep with me, and today she only falls asleep with me, and guess what even though she cannot fit between the boobs anymore, she sticks her hand between them. The longest sleep we have in the crib is about 3 hours after that, momma kangaroo and poppa kangaroo share their bed with baby kangaroo!!!! and even though this is not a full sized kangaroo, she sure knows how to fill a space.

So I ask myself, in the real kangaroo world the “joey” leaves the pouch after about 18 months, Leah is now 15 months so that means I only have 3 more months to go!!! Oh who am I kidding …………… I think this Kangaroo is here to stay.

Wheres my pouch!!!

2 thoughts on “When The Kangaroo does not want to leave the pouch!!!

  1. Cute post. Leah is a doll! We have done this with both of our kids…Will is in his big boy bed now! But Kaela loves the nice warm space in our bed 🙂 And you are so right, that they don’t have to fill a big space to take a lot of space 🙂

  2. I love her thighs! I think these Joeys will be around a long time! Thank goodness they widened momma’s pouchs to they still fit..Yes, thanks kids!

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