Mc Dononalds Im Loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So i had my first happy meal, aunt Heather might not be to happy with this post!!!!!

Whats in the box!!

I see the fries down there

Yummy, Yummy…………..

got the fries

If the fries are this good….. lets try the box!!

yummy box

Now for some liquid refreshment………..

Milk shake, i love this stuff

not forgetting my free toy!!!!!!!!!!!

its my puppy

So………. when are we going again????????????

4 thoughts on “Mc Dononalds Im Loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Oh nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!
    to late. Those golden arches have won

    Well, I hope it was as good as it looks!!!
    We’ll have to do strawberry shakes some time !
    me and you

    lots of love aunty Heather

  2. yummm McDonalds!! Cole has yet to experience the wonders of the golden arches! I look forward to the day he tastes one of their magical french fries!! Leah looks like she enjoyed hers!!

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