Im Just Little Not Deaf………..

Table Mountain

So my last (What does the future hold) post has sparked a bit of unhappy reaction by my South African friends that are reading my blog. I have been accused of wanting to run away!!!!! And that I’m not making the best of things in South Africa, both my husband and I have jobs; we own a home and a car, blah, blah, blah why would you want to leave and start over…. I understand their arguments, but let me explain to you were I am coming from.


I did not say I am definitely leaving I said I am “considering” leaving, and if I do decide to leave it will not be for my benefit but to my children’s… education and future opportunities, and especially for Leah. Thing are not fair and equal in South Africa here are a few example for you….

Leah is due to have a CT scan and if I do this privately it’s going to cost R4000.00, so we try the Government Hospital do you think they were willing to help? NO… they say, “ because you and your husband are employed and earning a fixed income you have to be billed” How much I ask? R3800.00???????? Can I pay it off over 6 months? “ No 3 months” How do they determine what I can and can’t afford??? You look like you can afford it?? My Gosh I’m still trying to recover from Leah’s birth bill.

Lets get one thing clear, I’m not looking for hand outs or wanting free treatment but try to accommodate me…At least look at my monthly expenses and see that I am telling the truth when I say I cant afford the whole amount upfront, but I can pay the whole amount in monthly installments… but I guess that’s not good enough. I don’t want to go on about our health care situation in this country, but people lie about their status, and they get free treatment or huge reductions on the treatment bill, so why don’t I do the same and just lie and abuse the system, you see I’m not like that and if I do… it makes things tough for the people that really needs the medical help its because of those people that abuse our health system that Leah has to suffer, but nothing is being done to stop the abuse and nobody is checking to see who these people are.

Example 2. I found a support group called Little People of South Africa, I sent them an e-mail, I called I got my hopes up thinking I have found support at home, but I am still waiting for a reply and no one answers my calls so……….. Is that what you define as support? I get more pleasure and support from the people I met through Knoahs Blog and the friends who comment on Leahs blog, I define that as support even more so I define them as friends who share in each others pain and joy.

Lets touch on crime in South Africa, its sad that I cant allow my girls to play alone in front of their own home without adult supervision, because they might get snatched, its nothing new kids go missing in South Africa EVERYDAY its become so common that the media does not report every case because there are so many missing kids!!!! We received a letter from Nicole and Simone’s school warning the parents to be punctual when the pick their kids up at the end of the school day, as a little girl was almost snatched in front of the school gates luckily, she screamed and someone came to her aid, the man who tried to snatch her managed to get away, so he is still out there. My little girl attend this school, its all just becoming to close for comfort, lets not talk about the night the cops came shooting down the road we live in, pleading with the residents to lock all door and windows, because six men had just robbed a fast food store and hijacked a car, and these armed thieves decided to run down our street and hide in the surrounding properties, poor Simone was so freaked out the next day she was to afraid to go into the backyard because she was convinced one of the robbers were in the yard. My brother is a jogging enthusiast, there is nothing as awesome as taking an early morning jog on the Table mountain path ways, breathing in the fresh air and taking in the splendid views, but you know what, he cant do that on his own he now has to go in a group or jog where its fairly busy because Yes…. they are robbing the joggers and hikers and old people that go for their daily walks on the mountain, they sit in the bushes pounce on you and beat you up and take what they can!!!!!! How Sick

And Last but not Least, and the most important, Leah’s acceptance into society, there is a huge problem with the acceptance of people with disabilities in South Africa, I want her to be all that she can be I want her to reach her full potential , its funny people seem to think that if you are physically different in appearance, there has to be a mental problem as well, some of my friends speak to Leah and shout at her as if she is hearing impaired? Some of my so called friends has not been to visit since her birth …. I cant wait for the day when she can say  “ Will you be quiet  I’m just little not deaf” What a splendid day that will be, but for now I will say it for her. Im sure any mother would do the same.

3 thoughts on “Im Just Little Not Deaf………..

  1. Oh Char!

    I wish I had words to make it better, but I don’t. I understand your reason’s for wanting something different for your children. No child should have to live through the fear of “one day here, next day gone”. No parent should have to fear or worry about getting medical treatment for their child, when it is needed. Knowing you are not alone, sometimes is all we want to know.

    Wow!…how about you just come live with me…okay! 😉

    I will email you!

  2. Hello! My name is Katie and I have an almost 7 month old little boy who has achondroplasia. I found your site from Tonyas! I’ve read some of your blogs about Leah. She is such a cutie! Best of luck with the tough decisions you are making! You are right though, you need to make the best decision for you and your family! I look forward to reading about little Leah!!

    -Katie and Cole

  3. Hey Katie its great to meet you, thanks so much for visiting Leah’s blog, I think is just wonderful how we have all connected through Tonya, its really comforting to know that there are people who care, even if they are miles away.

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