Little Me and my Big Sisters

My sisters

So…….. there are my sisters Nicole 5, Simone 10 and of course me the star of the show Leah.We recently took Leah for her check up at the pediatrician, of course we had a little actress on our hands,doing everything she could to impress the doctor she mumbled and hummed a tune, walked around the furniture and battered her eyelids as if to impress the judge, seems like she is going to be quite the charmer one day.

The doctor then proceeded to do her head measurement which amounted to 51.3cm, we were then advised to take Leah for a CT scan just to check the amount of fluid around her brain, but he assured us that it was just routine and that he was not to concerned because she has been on track with he milestones and her head size (although large) was acceptable as she was on par with the head and growth measurement charts for kids with Achondroplasia.

So God has really been good to us so far, and has blessed Leah with good health , things could have turned out different for us, but I know Leah life is going to change lots of peoples lives in a positive way. Leah taught me to have Faith so we just keep the faith……..(I think im finnaly getting the hang of this blog thing….:-)

lets play ball

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